Start to be diabetes type 2 free

It's true: you really can become diabetes free and here's how.

Are you tired of being in the center of the city and suddenly your body is going crazy because of the sudden fall of blood sugar?

Don't tell me it is not a big deal!

Finding out that you have diabetes is a big deal.

And even if you’re doing great with it now, there may be moments where you feel bad about what has happened to you.

Diabetes is not like you wake up one day and all of a sudden you're thirsty, hungry, and going to the bathroom all the time. It picks up gradually. Indeed, most people are unaware that they have diabetes in its early or even middle phases.

The longer you go without controlling diabetes, the greater your risk for heart disease, kidney disease, amputation, blindness, and other serious complications.

Ask yourself…Are these happening to you?

diabetes know the symptoms
  • You're taking more bathroom breaks
  • You're thirstier than usual
  • You've lost a little weight
  • You feel shaky and hungry
  • You're tired all the time
  • You're moody and grumpy
  • Your vision seems blurry
  • Your cuts and scrapes heal more slowly
  • Your feet tingle
  • You're more prone to urinary tract and yeast infections


Here's A Quick Way to become diabetes free and start living your normal life.

Take a couple of moments to read my story about how my daughter and my mother succeeded to be diabetes free.

It was autumn of 2008 when I was informed that my little girl, Kelly, age one and a half, was diagnosed with diabetes. This stabbed my heart and my soul was overwhelmed with grief.

My name is Jane*, and we are from New Jersey.

For me, being a young mother, this was the moment the battle started: to offer a regular life to my child.

Now six years have gone by, but I remember every minute as if it happened yesterday: my little girl’s symptoms, feelings my family was experiencing, the moment that I found about the disease, but also the problems I have been facing with the medical system.

In time, things have turned slightly, but for sure we’re now on the proper road, and now my only hope is to show others how my sweet Kelly won the battle with this awful disease and what we all went through to get this chance.

Changes that changed everything

Any mother, whos child is getting sick wish they had the power to change that thing. To turn back time. Mother’s instincts cling to the idea that everything is a mistake. Her nature firmly believes that this can’t be happening to her child. Although she dare not allow herself to accept it. These and other haunting thoughts were going on in me, a young mother from New Jersey that arrived in England at the end of May 2008.

When we moved to England, my girl was ok; She was a healthy child for a year and a half, eating normally, with normal behavior, playing normally; everything related to a child of her age was normal. The problems started to appear in October. That was the moment when I noticed something was wrong with her. She began to refuse to eat; she cried a lot; she was always too tired, and she slept too many hours for a child of her age. We assumed that this may be on account of the changes, being in another environment, or on the fact that she didn’t socialize anymore, she wasn't among children from home anymore…and we thought she is suffering from all of this.

Another thing changed… I started to work, and she was staying a lot during the day with my mom, and I thought that maybe her behavior had suddenly changed because of missing me…the difference was striking.

Until we moved to England, I stayed with her day by day, night by night, and, suddenly now, I left to work every day, coming home late every day. There were days in which I couldn’t see her at all, just in the evening when she was sleeping, and the same thing while she was still sleeping in the morning…

I thought maybe these were the reasons for her different behaviors.

By November, her mood had worsened: she already wasn't eating anything, and required a lot of water…from a cup of water - to then asking for two, then three…then I couldn't take the water bottle from her mouth. She asked for liquids continuously, never being enough.

She was also using the potty very frequently. Much more than before. My mother, who has had diabetes for 20 years, told me those sound like the symptoms of diabetes.

I didn't pay attention to this…What mother would think that her child could be sick?

I didn't want to conceive that something like this could happen to my little girl. And I refused to believe it…

Nowadays in England it is easier to register to see a family doctor, at that time it wasn't so easy. Maybe if she has been seen then by a family physician, her condition would not have gotten so bad. For me, this couldn't have been avoided; I couldn't register because I didn't have enough documentation for the required files that were needed.

At all the medical centers, I was asked for proof that I have the right to work in England…I got a Blue Card, address proof, bills, and finally, I was rejected.

From denial to emergency

Even if I was fighting the thought every second that my little girl had some strange condition, shortly…the inevitable occurred.

One day, my mother called me and told me to come home as fast as I could because Kelly was not feeling well at all. It would be better for us just to go to the Emergency Clinic, to see a doctor there and to find out what's happening with her…

I raced with my child to the hospital; We waited for 4-5 hours in the Emergency Clinic. Finally when it was our turn, the doctor checked her eyes, ears, and neck and he said he did not understand why I had brought my child in? He said she was not sick. I explained to the doctor on call, that she isn't eating any more, that she does not stop drinking water, and that she goes potty too frequently. Also she is always tired, and cries a lot now. I had with me a half liter bottle of water, and I told him that she had already drank three other bottles of water this morning. If I give her this one she will drink it and ask for another one right away…

So, I asked him if all of these seemed to be normal to him. He told me that sometimes this is the way children react to get a parent's attention. I argued with the fact that my daughter was happy, she had everything…she has a loving mother. The doctor then told me that I am the kind of mom that gets too worried about nothing. So, we left for home, me with a divided heart. I knew these things were not ordinary for my child, but somehow I was relieved…The doctor told me she's a healthy child, and she doesn't have anything wrong with her.

I can say from my experience…after so many years…they claim that they have very well prepared doctors, who are well trained in all things…but they are not good doctors, and they have no idea.

I met people who searched for the symptoms on the internet to see what illness is. But when you go to the hospital, someone pays attention to you only when you have one foot in the grave.

Second time at emergency

My relief lasted only a short time, as the very next day, I got a call from my mother again asking me to go home urgently…

The second day, my mom said my little girl has gone from bad to worse. I left for home immediately, and while I was on my way, she called again to tell me that she already fainted two times…

You can imagine how I felt!

When I got home, she was in my mother's arms…she didn't speak; her eyes were closed and she began to vomit because her stomach was full of liquid.

And again we raced to the Emergency Clinic…explained what the situation was…that she fainted, she is vomiting. They gave me a little plastic cup for a urine sample, and sent us this time to the children's emergency wing, which was different from the place I was the day earlier. Upon entering the children's wing, right away a nurse took us; she entered our data into the system, and she told me that, unfortunately, the child does not appear to be well…and she requested the urine sample. I gave her the little plastic cup of urine; meanwhile, a doctor came in to examine her…

He told us that my daughter has a throat infection and lung disease…I was shocked. I asked how was it possible for her to to have an infection, because yesterday she was fine…

At one point I heard the nurse, which I had given the urine sample to, calling me into the hall…then I knew something was not ok. She asked me if I needed anything, then she asked me if she could talk with me in private.

We went into another room, she motioned to a chair, and asked me to sit…I started to cry because I was distraught waiting for the verdict and she said…Ma'am, I'm sorry to tell you this, butYOUR CHILD HAS DIABETES!

She tried to calm me, but I was repeating continuously “You tell me that she has diabetes, but I was just here yesterday, and they said she had nothing.”

From "she has nothing" to an army of doctors

I didn't want to file a complaint against the doctor who sent us home yesterday, I just wanted to know that my baby girl was fine…

They did a blood test, and they returned with very concerned expressions…they told me they have to do a perfusion test because no device could read the glucose…I remember I was with her in my arms, and in one second I was surrounded by a team of doctors. I have never seen so many doctors in my life…I then realized that actually, her condition was serious.

They were so nervous…everyone was doing something…someone doing the perfusion; someone else taking her blood; someone else was connecting her to machines…I was being continuously encouraged to stay strong.

She remained hospitalized because it was necessary to take her blood and send it to the laboratory. All of these blood tests happened in the first 24 hours we were there. In the beginning, they drew blood every hour, then every three hours and then they reduced it to every five hours.

Only the second day, her doctor told me that the biggest danger had passed. After 24 hours, my little girl opened her eyes, and the first thing she said was …”Mommy, I'm hungry!” .

That was the moment I could finally smile! I felt like God reached out His hand…

She was connected to so many devices…people from the hospital were bathing her, changing her, they didn't let the bed get dirty. As soon as she woke up, they brought her a television with cartoons playing on it…also someone in the hospital brought by a toy for her, as they did to all the kids there.

What does diabetic child's day look like?

Blood tests and insulin were Kelly's daily activities, but like other people with diabetes, they need to have a normal life as much as possible.

First of all, she could not eat anything without the insulin. Then, she had to take frequent blood tests - one before eating and another at two hours after her meals. This was to see if the glucose decreased or increased. A typical day started with a blood test in the morning, after this, we had to calculate how many carbs she ate for breakfast, and then she got her insulin dose for that food.

Years went by…but unfortunately, the Kelly's problems didn't go away…

She was now six years old, but she continued to have a strict diet and a lot of “no-no's” in her life…

After she arrived at her school; she went right to the school nurse, who did a daily morning blood test to check her glucose levels. Then, at lunch, she did another test. My little girl took food from home for lunch, and I sent a note for each meal noting the carbs level…The nurse then would prepare and administer an insulin dose for that amount of carbs.

Then after school, she came home, and another blood test was administered with an insulin shot. She ate a snack and again another blood test to see if everything was ok.

At dinner, also we took another blood test and insulin again.

In the middle of the night, we woke up to do another blood test to make sure everything was fine..

And we continued on like this for awhile, until I said “STOP”…”There has to be something else. I didn't want to continue this all of her entire life! She is fine if she constantly took her blood tests, and if she carefully monitored and took her insulin doses. What happens if she doesn't? ”She cannot live like this!”

I went to my cousin's house, who showed me how to use the computer to search for what I needed. I left my daughter with my mom, and I stayed there and searched like crazy for two days and one night for anything helpful…desperate to find something…anything!

In all my internet searching, this title “My son is now diabetes-free!!!” caught my attention …I quickly read their story, which was very similar to what had happened to my daughter. I went directly to contact the author of the story.

I asked him a lot of questions…and finally, after a lot of discussion, he gave me his diet guide to help my little girl, too.

My mother, being a 64 year old woman, said that she had tried a lot of things too, and all of them were rubbish. It was impossible for us to gain positive results, and it will be a big waste of time and energy to try.

I said “Fine! We'll see!” I couldn't perceive not trying this solution I had found. I especially had to try it - even if there was even/only a small probability of it working. What if it did work?

So we started following the new diet. I couldn't say it was a hard one for me, because, let's be serious…my child had to eat it, and there were simple ingredients. She ate everything I gave her. So it was nothing I couldn't cook or prepare.

We followed the schedule every day, and we didn't feel it to be an extreme sacrifice. I couldn't believe that day by day Kelly's condition was getting better and this just by following a simple diet.

Usually, children hate everything that starts out with the word “diet” or “program” because it is well known that diets are hard to follow - especially by kids.

Surprisingly, this diet was great for everyone because the ingredients were nothing special. We found them at the corner grocery store, and they were cheap and easy to cook. My daughter was very excited about all the variety of foods in this diet, and she didn't say no to anything.

Even better, from the first three days, she started to feel better! This was extra motivation for us to keep going with it.

After following the entire diet plan, my daughter was another person, she now had a smile on her face every day.

Kelly's life changed in good forever

My little girl is 7 years old now, and we don't wake up at midnight any more to take an insulin dose or to do a blood test.

And when I think that when she was so little, she had to do those 7-8 insulin injections per day. She became very depressed…she wasn't a happy child anymore…she even refused to eat her favorite food because she knew that she would have to take her injection to eat.

So this guide changed her life FOREVER!

Seeing this, my mother wanted to give it a try also. If at first she was skeptical, now she saw the amazing results that Kelly obtained. Slowly, she started the diet. In the first days, it was like a regular diet that did nothing. But already seeing the results Kelly obtained, she continued on with the recipes from the plan. Indeed it took a little more time to get free of diabetes, but she won her battle too!

For Kelly 28 days were enough, but my mother needed 45 days.

They both did it!

And YOU can do it!

Imagine how I felt when I saw my daughter and my mother feeling great, and both able to say, “I am free of diabetes.”

No more drugs, pills or insulin injections

The only thing that they had to do was to eat the right combination of foods, and finally say goodbye to insulin or any other drugs for diabetes.


In my research about diabetes, I found that there is something twice as efficient for the leading type 2 Diabetes than your usual drugs which will normalize blood sugar, fix insulin resistance, stop neuropathy pain, prevent blindness, amputation, and other diabetic problems.

These techniques have been used successfully by tens of thousands of people in over 40 countries and helped type 2 diabetics eliminate the need for drugs and insulin injections while helping those with type one greatly reduce their drug and injection dosages.

What is the cold hard truth about diabetes?

A significant amount of studies from scientists and doctors all over the world have proven that people with type 2 diabetes can normalize blood sugar, increase insulin sensitivity, end neuropathy pain, lower their risk of blindness and amputations and be taken off all diabetes type 2 drugs and insulin injections.

And people with type 2 diabetes are also able to reduce drug and insulin dosages while lowering their blood sugar greatly.

It's all because of this “insulin killing switch” that's been turned on inside your body…

A switch that's activated by one bizarre thing…

And you'd NEVER in a million years suspect this is the true cause of your diabetes.

Diabetes is a debilitating disease that has now reached epidemic proportions. Government figures show the rate of diabetes type 2 is rising toward 3 million, with another 5 million plus diagnosed as obese in the USA.


I came to the conclusion that the most efficient way to improve diabetes type 2 is to eliminate the causal factors and stop the disease process. That meant learning to transform the daily habits of diet, activity, and mentality that contribute to the disease. It just requires one to follow a simple protocol that one can doin the comfort of your own home, and one that doesn't require too much time.

In this diet plan that my daughter and my mom followed you would have step-by-step instructions for using this exact diabetes-fighting protocol.

glicemic index

You will have a powerful tool that can help return your blood sugar to normal levels.

Now, you are just seconds away from the happiness that I felt when I was able to say to my daughter “You are free of diabetes!”

In this diet, it shows exactly how you can use it for yourself to fight every single symptom of your disease in the next 28 days – possibly even sooner.

Maybe you didn't realize that there are more than 73 million pre-diabetics and more than 23 million full-blown diabetics in the world.

There's a very large chance of getting diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes – regardless of our physical condition or diet.

So, just like the tens of millions of other people out there who get hit with the bad news from their doctor, and suddenly have a diabetes “life sentence” hanging over their heads…

In the past, the only choice you had was to get stuck with taking drugs, insulin or eating an ultra-restrictive diet.

Something that was low in sugar, starches, carbs, fats and everything else! That makes you feel more like a grass eating cow than a human.

In fact, that might have been one of the most frustrating things about your disease…that there was no real solution AT ALL.

what the hell is going on?

“What the hell is going on?” – You would always find yourself thinking. “Why hasn't anybody figured this out yet?”

You think diabetes is ruining your life, and that is TOO MUCH to bear.

You do not deserve this punishment, just like you don't deserve to be a slave to your diabetes either.

And all you would like to do is to spend every waking second of your life to find a way to rid yourself of this horrible disease in your body for good.

So, from this point on, you could start searching everything you might find about your illness…

What caused it, what treatments the pharmaceutical companies are working on…and what alternative treatment options might exist…

In the beginning, it might feel incredibly frustrating.

You could find thousands of answers about how to manage the disease, but not one that helps you treat the disease.

The solutions you might find could help you to “manage” the disease, to keep your blood sugar levels down as long as you take the drugs, but immediately ceasing to be effective when you stop taking them.

It just wouldn't make sense…

And once you realize this…it might even seem clearer that if there was ever going to be a real diabetes solution found.

It would come from you…

So, you might double down on your reading, spend more and more time studying every article, every journal entry, and every piece of raw data you could find, as I did.

I found that everything is related to

A new type of protein called ERK7

Which acts as an “insulin killer.”

Something that really FREEZES your body's insulin production.

And BLOCKS your cells from absorbing any insulin that's already inside of you.

You might find out that this ERK7 is actually inside both diabetics and non-diabetics.

But in diabetics the ERK7 is in a state of constant activation.

Which means it is continuously keeping your insulin production suppressed.

Now you may wonder how does ERK7 do that?

How does it kill the insulin production?

I found out that it is pretty crazy…

The ERK7 protein tricks your body into thinking it's in starvation mode.

And it does that even if you're eating three healthy meals or 3,500 calories per day.

This ERK7 protein is sending a “false alarm” to your body.

And it tricks your regulatory system into thinking it is starving.

As a result, your regulatory system goes into extreme conservation mode.

It stops producing insulin, and it tries to keep all of your glucose in your blood stream for energy, rather than letting it get absorbed into your cells.

Or in other words, it makes you a diabetic.

And that's also why you feel tired or have low energy way too often.

Because when you're “starving” your body is conserving its energy.

It's not using that energy as fuel, and you feel exhausted.

It`s pretty wild, right?

And if you think about it, I bet you can remember tons of times where you were a victim of ERK7 without even realizing it.

For example, have you ever had a huge meal, a Sunday brunch or a Christmas Dinner?

And felt STUFFED.

But then, unexplainably, found that you're hungry again just an hour or two later?

Or do you ever find yourself doing work or sending an email?

And suddenly you feel so hungry that you simply can't focus on anything until you have a snack or meal?

In both cases, it's your ERK7 being a trickster…

And telling your body that you're starving, even though it couldn't be further from the truth.

While the finding that ERK7 was causing almost all cases of type II diabetes was overwhelming…

What you need to know is this:

If this protein called ERK7 is what's causing diabetes…

  • Can you get rid of it?
  • Can you deactivate this evil protein?
  • Can you reactivate your body's insulin production?
  • And fix your cell's ability to absorb that insulin?
  • And naturally, lower your blood sugar levels?
  • And manage your diabetes for good?


You might find that in every single study in which ERK7 protein had been successfully destroyed.

There were always the same small group of organic nutrients mentioned as part of the treatment.

This included a few special types of proteins, a few specific amino acids, and a few hyperactive enzymes.

Things that on their own may not be powerful enough to fight the diabetes-causing ERK7 protein inside your body.

But that when combined, OVERWHELM its insulin-killing powers…

And return the human body to its normal, healthy functioning state.

On this diet, it is all about 11 simple foods that have all of the ERK7-Killing nutrients you need. I already wrote the plan which includes those foods, so you just have to follow it.

It is a CHALLENGE to follow it for a full 28 DAYS!

And after this enjoy the results achieved!

Well, after a few days your blood sugar might be at the same level, and you could be a little nervous that maybe you are wasting your time. The same thing happened with my mother, remember?

And on Day 10, something pretty remarkable might occur.

Your blood level will go unexpectedly down.

Now, of course, it still would be WAY higher than normal because you are still a diabetic person.

But before trying this, you had rarely experienced such a dramatic drop before…

The feeling of excitement, hope, and accomplishment you would experience might be pretty hard to describe.

Soon, you will stop using your oral medications and insulin shots altogether.

Now that the ERK7 in your body has been destroyed, you simply wouldn't have the strong food cravings that you used to have.

You are free from a disease that had been holding you hostage for a decade!

When I saw and understand what happened with my daughter and my mom, I started to write an article to help others that had the same problem, diabetes.

forum testimonial 1 forum testimonial 2

Seeing there are a lot of people who need help, my mom and I decided that we would write an eBook. The eBook, which could help others who are struggling with this nightmare, contains the guide that I had received, all my research and a complete diet plan with all the instructions included.

We knew we had to write it and make it available, knowing that are so many people who suffer from diabetes. I couldn't live with the thought that if my daughter and my mom are now FREE OF DIABETES, so can millions of others be free too.

This diet comes with many benefits:

  • One's age does not matter because this is for everyone (kids to seniors).
  • It has no side-effects.
  • It's easy to follow.
  • One won't need to spend money on exotic ingredients, drugs or therapies.
  • It's all about knowing how to combine your foods.

Are you ready to become a non-diabetic person?

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You will be free of all your worries and concerns regarding this horrible disease and can really enjoy your life - carefree like a child again!

The DIABETES REVOLUTIONARY CARE PLAN will reveal you just how this ERK7 protein can be deactivated and how your cell's ability to absorb insulin will be fixed.

And as you already assume…this means…

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Q: What should my blood sugar be at the time when I wake up (fasting) and before meals? What about after?

A: For most persons with diabetes, the American Diabetes Association recommends a fasting or before meals blood glucose goal of 70–130 mg/dl. One to two hours after eating, a postprandial blood sugar reading at or under 180 mg/dl is recommended.

Q: Does the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes mean I will have to go on insulin?

A: No. Persons with type 2 diabetes may or may not ever need to take insulin injections, depending on several factors, including the timing of diagnosis. Studies indicate that if type 2 diabetes is treated early and blood sugar is controlled initially and over the years, the pancreas is more likely to produce enough insulin longer. But a person who lives with type 2 upward of 15 years is unlikely to continue to make sufficient insulin and will need to take it via syringe, pen, or pump.

Q: Why is it OK to eat fruits when they are full of carbohydrate? Are some fruits better to eat than others?

A: Calories in all fruits are mainly carbohydrate with a bit of protein. People with diabetes need to eat a certain amount of carbs every day for energy and essential nutrients. Healthy sources of carbs include fruits, as well as vegetables, whole grains, legumes (beans), and low-fat dairy foods.

Q: Will insulin make me gain weight?

A: The main reason we need insulin is to push glucose into cells for energy. Insulin's job is to process calories. For this reason, it can—but doesn't have to—cause weight gain. To prevent weight gain: Practice portion control. Burn extra calories with exercise. If your blood sugar has been high for a while before starting insulin, you've likely been excreting calories in your urine instead of fueling your body. This won't happen once your blood sugar is under control. If you experience hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), treat it with just 15 grams of carbs.

Q: Why is weight loss so significant? What's the best way for a person with type 2 diabetes to lose weight?

A: Weight loss is important, particularly just after a diagnosis of type 2 or pre-diabetes. Weight loss increases insulin sensitivity, allowing cells to more effectively use the insulin the body continues to make. Losing just 10–20 pounds can accomplish a boatload of benefits. Among them are improved blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels and possibly taking fewer medications or lower doses. To lose weight slowly and steadily, change your lifestyle. The pounds you keep off over time are the most important to living a long life.

Q: Should I always carry glucose tablets with me?

A: The risk for hypoglycemia depends on the category of blood glucose-lowering medication(s) you take, not your type of diabetes. Some medications can cause hypoglycemia, including insulin; those in the sulfonylurea category, such as glyburide, glipizide, and glimepiride (Amaryl); and those in the glinide category, such as repaglinide (Prandin) and nateglinide (Starlix). If you take one of these medications, always carry treatment. Most of the commonly used blood glucose-lowering medications for type 2 diabetes don't cause hypo-glycemia.

But, wait…

I have one more thing for you…

The DIABETES REVOLUTIONARY CARE PLAN also comes with amazing bonus reading material that dives deep in the “Dark Side Of Nutrition” and tells you exactly which of your favorite foods can help you fight diabetes and how a vegetarian lifestyle can be the ally you need in your way to treat diabetes.

Here is the entire truth about “Diabetes and Vegetarian Lifestyle”.

Diabetes and Vegetarian Lifestyle

This guide will help you understand why a vegetarian lifestyle can help with most of the horrible diseases we are confronted with in the 21st century.

You can also learn how to become a vegetarian if you are not one yet, and that it is not as impossible as it is believed.

Without action, you cannot get positive results!

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i used to have diabetes

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belive you can

*This is a pen name because the author wanted to remain anonymous for the public